Fall 2018

Big answers on a micro scale

The University Imaging Centers provides an up-close look at everything from blood vessels to brain pathways

What do diseased blood vessels look like—at a molecular level? Where do different pathways in the brain connect? How does a tumor grow? And then regress after treatment?

“We have roughly 600 users, and each person is unique in their question,” says Mark Sanders, Ph.D., who directs the University Imaging Centers (UIC).

The UIC’s clients represent 280 University labs, 51 centers and departments, and seven colleges, plus a few local companies. The center’s staff members work closely with users to choose the right technologies from its 40-piece collection to find the sought-after answers.

And the center could provide even more knowledge with philanthropic support.

“We have tools that can have a direct impact on a number of really important human condition issues,” Sanders says. “Nothing answers a question like seeing it.”

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